In the past we have seen lots of ways using which we can bypass the country restrictions imposed by websites like Hulu and Netflix and search them like a United States user to see videos. The latest service that we saw was Tunlr, using which we might easily alter our connection DNS and browse these limited sites.

However the major trouble with the service was that as the DNS was simply indicated to view videos on Hulu and Netflix, it slowed the regular internet surfing. In addition, the service will get rid of Netflix from its listing anytime now due to enhance in the number of users. Due to the fact that of these issues it was becoming rather challenging to use Tunlr on a regular basis.

To change that, today I will show you an incredibly simple method (probably the most convenient way) to see Hulu, Netflix and listen to Pandora radio from any country. I will not ask you to alter your DNS and neither will I ask you to use a VPN service. All I will ask you to do is to set up an extension in your browser and nothing else. Alluring, right? Keep reading.

So why can’t I enjoy Hulu Outside the United States?

Well I’m not sure exactly the reason it’s shut out but it’s normally to do with licensing agreements and stuff like that. It’s rather paradoxical though as most of individuals who get shut out wind up making use of torrent websites and unlawful download websites. There are many ways of Geo-Targetting web surfers however typically it is simply based upon your IP address. Hulu will inspect the beginning of your IP address and if it’s from a Non-US range then you will be blocked.

So my IP Address restricts what I see?

Definitely I hesitate exactly what you can or can’t do online is typically dependent on your IP address. But it works in lots of various locations, for example it’s the reason you’ll see different adverts from a COMPUTER in an additional country. IP address targeting is used to obstruct people from viewing the BBC Iplayer outside the UK, stops United States players from accessing European Live roulette sites – the list goes on and on. Luckily the system can be deceived and there are options to stop this rather regrettable IP address censorship that stops us seeing Hulu outside the US.

So what’s the Choices for Viewing Hulu?

Well the normal technique to bypass this problem is to use confidential proxies to shut out the website from understanding where you are. So for instance if you browse through an anonymous proxy based in the UNITED STATE then it will look like you are based in the United States. This approach works to bypass 99 % of Geo-Targeting constraints as long as you have access to proxy server in the correct nation.

So I can simply use an Anonymous Proxy to gain access to Hulu?

Ermm, no sadly that doesn’t work, the problem is that Hulu utilizes a flash based media player which appears to bypass any proxy settings you have. You won’t get the same message as the photo, however you also won’t have the ability to see any of the media. The major free option was something called Hotspot Guard which accustomeded to work (however really slowly) unfortunately it has actually now been blocked and no longer works to enjoy Hulu outside the US.

So How can I see Hulu?

Well the only genuine option now (apart from transferring to the United States) is to see by means of a VPN. This is a virtual circuit to a server or workstation in the United States. This will enable you to surf directly through a United States workstation – so technically you are in fact a United States surfer. There are no cost-free choices that I know unless you know someone in the United States who can set up to connect to.