If you’re an Android user, then you are lucky, because you can free to enjoy  part of a television program on Hulu.

Hulu will allow Android users free to watch some of the most popular TV drama, which is part of its “Share the joy of the season” campaign. All you need is a Android mobile devices.

Although not all the television programs are free to watch, but also be able to see a lot of programs, including the current being hit “Modern Family,” “God bother detective,” “South Park,” “Sleepy Hollow” and other and so on.
Hulu open to Android users also include some children’s drama programs, such as “SpongeBob SquarePants,” “Pokemon” and “card from” and so on.

To watch all the TV shows on Hulu platform, you have to buy Hulu Plus service

It is worth mentioning that, Hulu bid farewell to Hollywood past digitizes, the program can be carried out on its website editing, then you can also be shared, so that the user can re-upload the entire movie or any piece on their blog or social networking site. Hulu.com name originated in Chinese in two words, “gourd” and “mutual record.”