How to Download Hulu Videos

Hulu is a popular website that provides users with abundant TV shows and movies. When you come across some wonderful videos, you may want to download it for enjoying on your portable player or smartphone. So, How to enjoy your favorite Hulu videos on your iPhone, iPad, or some other portable devices offline? How to download Hulu videos to my local computer so you can play it on anywhere? This blog will show you how to download video from with just 1 click.

As we know, you can’t download video from Hulu directly. There are some protections that stops you from downloading the videos. So, is it possible to do that? The answer is yes. There is a professional Hulu downloader for you to get it done. With just 1 click you can download video from Hulu successfully, after that, you can store it in your computer and have fun with it anytime as long as you want.

The following introduction will tell you how to use Hulu downloader step-by-step.

Step 1: Download the software

Just download the least version of the software and install it in your computer.

Download it here  If your are Mac user, get  Mac version here


Step 2: Start to download Hulu videos

Find the video that you want to download. The program offers you two ways to download videos from Hulu.

  1. When you need to play Hulu video and there will appear a “Download” icon at the top of the video. Simply press it to download Hulu video.
  2. Or you can download the video by copying the video URL. Get the URL and click the “+Paste URL” button. Then you will notice the download progress bar in the interface.

 hulu video download

Tips: You will find out the downloaded video in the library when the downloading is completed.

Video guide:

Step 3: Convert Hulu video (option)

If you want to convert the video format in order to compatible with your portable device, just go to the library, select the a video file and click the “Convert” button.

 download hulu video